Father HannamFather Walter Hannam
Vicar, St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church

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Born in Nova Scotia and ordained in Saskatchewan, I taught philosophy and theology in Boston and Saskatoon before moving to Toronto in 2013. I am passionately committed to the Church’s active and attentive presence in the inner city, and through my work at St Bart’s I’ve been privileged to spend time among people of all backgrounds, including many who live very much on the margins of our urban society. I believe that there can be no adequate critique of human culture, or reform of unjust society, that refuses to take into account the deepest and most universal desires of the human mind and heart; neither can true justice exist apart from loving attention to our neighbour.

Dawn-Leger-400x400The Reverend Dawn Leger
Pastor, First Lutheran Church

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I am an Anglican Priest serving at First Lutheran through the Full Communion relationship with the Anglican Church of Canada. Ordained in 2006, I have served in small and large churches in Nova Scotia and the Greater Toronto Area as well as ecumenical and interfaith chaplaincy at two Canadian Universities. I am an active ally of the LGBTQ community and I believe that justice for all is close to the heart of God’s mission in the world. I live with my husband in downtown Toronto.